Law that allows to legalise irregular buildings

You may already know that the Government of the Balearic Islands has passed a new Law in reference to planning and use of the land through which it will be possible to legalize all construction of more than eight years which were built without licence, on an extraordinary way.

It is beyond question that if you have to value your real estate (in case of sale, mortgage or heritage for example) the legalization of the buildings is essential and entails a clear advantage. For this reason we suggest and recommend to all the owners who could take benefit from this measure not to miss this opportunity.

 If this is your case we offer our services in order to provide more detailed information and also to take the required steps to legalize the buildings. You can get in touch with us whether by phone under the number 971332211 asking for Laly or Juan Costa Marí, or sending an email to, or We will answer your questions as soon as possible