Our Values

Our services are based on a set of values that enable us to offer a high-quality service. These values are the general guidelines in everything we do:

  • Customer service: all our  actions, have to fulfill two conditions: comply with the major possible technical rigor, and maintain a permanent dedication to our customer in order to know and understand his objectives and needs.
  • Specialisation and integration: Asesoría Unidad is operating  specialised service lines and integrates these services effectively to offer an excellent customer experience.
  • Quality policy: we seek to meet or exceed our customers expectations with our services.
  • Professional ethics: we promote a sense of responsibility among all employees
  • Continuous improvement: improve our services in all aspects: continuing education programs, structural improvement, investment in new technologies, etc.
  • Community Involvement: Asesoría Unidad believes in giving something back to the community and is an active supporter of socio-economic initiatives, cultural activities and sports.
  • Integrity: based on correct, reasonable and honest conduct in the profession.
  • Independence and confidentiality: we value our independence and maintain strict confidentiality of all the information entrusted to us by our customers.
… the consecution of its objectives are based on well-defined values.