Administration of Owner’s Communities

Our service takes care of the administration of Owner’s Communities, maintaining direct contact with the owners of the Communities we manage. Our company is offering our customers a personalised service. Any issue that may arise will be resolved with the help of professional experts and a team of experienced real estate professionals, working for your community in order to solve all the problems efficiently and as quickly as possible. We continually monitor the activity of the Owner´s Community.

We offer the following services:

  • Constitution of the Community, for those that require it.
  • Legalisation of the Minutes Book of the Community.
  • Registration of the Community at the corresponding tax office and carrying out of the procedures in order to obtain the CIF (Tax Identification Number).
  • Issuing and managing receipts for payment of the regular budget and extra payments.
  • Control and payment of all the periodic and regular financial duties of the Community and also payment of the exceptional duties, on behalf of the Community and with the authorisation of the President, in order to maintain a correct running of all the services provided by the Community.
  • Periodic report to the President of all matters related to his Community.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting statement of all the accounts of the Community and annual statement of income and expenditure, detailing all expenditures grouped in chapters and distributed according to the corresponding distribution coefficients and detailing the incomes following the different concepts, listing the individual and remaining balance. Finally we send the copies to all the owners.
  • Preparation of Annual Budget for ordinary expenditure.
  • Preparation of invitations to the Annual and also the Extraordinary General Meetings, assistance of our specialised employees to these meetings.
  • Two large meeting rooms are at the disposal of our Communities for the Meetings.
  • Helpdesk and translation of documents in different languages.
  • Preparing and sending to all the owners the Minutes of the AGM and transcription to the Minutes Book.
  • Employment law advice, preparation and payment of wages, social security and personal income tax returns of employees of the Community.
  • Manage building works, repairs,  e.g. request quotes, reports, and obtain the corresponding licenses if necessary, liaise and manage the completion of work with builders and contractors.
  • Provide advice and guidance on all the contingencies that may arise in connection with common elements of the building for which the assistance of a technician is not required.
  • A team of lawyers at your disposal, specialised in the field of Horizontal Property, who can deliver general legal defence to owner communities.
  • We pay special attention to delays in the payment of contributions. Telephonically notify the debtor and calculate the interest on arrears. We also take care of the processing and subsequent Court proceedings if necessary.
  • Inspection of the regular work performed in the Community.
  • We carry out all the activities required in case of damages caused to the building; liaise with the insurance company, managing the case until the complete problem resolution.
  • Rental management, formalising all necessary contracts, preparing invoices and order the payment of the rent into your bank account, review the rent applying the current consumer price index and follow up, if necessary, of the legal claims in case of rent arrears.

And in general any other service related to the proper running of your community