Bookkeeping And Business Management

Our bookkeeping and business management service line is formed by different teams, each one responsible for a number of companies. The teams are led by economists and accountants who oversee the operations. The team-leaders analyse the administration, oversee the preparation of the annual accounts, provide commercial advice, prepare tax returns and deliver general support when dealing with Inspection Authorities, the Commercial Register, etc.

We deliver a wide range of services starting with setting up the accounting system, to maintaining administrative records. In case a customer decides to change his own management/bookkeeping structure, our services will focus on the periodic supervision of the administration and assistance with account reconciliation.

We are offering the following bookkeeping and business management services:

  • Financial advice and permanent bookkeeping planning for individuals, businesses and non profit entities.
  • Business management and organisation.
  • Economic and financial feasibility studies.
  • Preparation of annual accounts and reports.
  • Preparation of bookkeeping, full service for individuals, companies and public entities.
  • Initial setup in our office of the administration and compulsory Register Books or advice at the customers domicile.
    • Financial daybooks
    • Inventory and annual accounts
    • Shareholders Book
    • Shares Book
    • Minutes BookVAT Register Book
    • Book for “Estimación Directa Simplificada” (Simplified Direct Estimation)
    • Setup chart of accounts
    • Register Book for investment properties.
  • For companies with a high turnover, we offer advice on the most common accounting policies and support  in the preparation of the financial information.

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