Employment Law and Human Resource Services

At Unidad we understand that managing employees can be one of your biggest challenges, but they are also your greatest asset. Our team of experienced specialists can advice you, and work with you to attract and retain the right people that are critical to your business success.

Our human resource (HR) service is delivering services to any business: self-employed, professionals, small and medium sized companies, with two specialised teams.

  • Employment law and social security
  • Human Resource and payroll services

Our experienced employment law specialists deliver support to customers on employment law and (international) social security issues.

Our human resource and payroll services team can help you with recruitment, training and with the complete HR administration.

We offer the following Employment Law and HR services:

Employment Law and Social Security

  • Monitoring and informing customers on changes to employment law.
  • Continuous advice, both verbal and written on all labour relations issues.
  • Preparing disciplinary letters, investigation and conflict resolution files and drafting of other letters, e.g. permits, leaves, promotions, dismissals, etc.
  • Attend work place meetings with management, workers and union representatives in the role as advisor.
  • Study and consultancy in relation to disputes, regulation of employment files, strikes and business closures.
  • Permanent support when dealing with the autonomous region or state administrative agencies.
  • Assistance and representation when dealing with the labour inspection and social security inspection, SMAC, TAMIB and social court.
  • Study and presentation of appeals at social and administrative courts.

Human Resource and Payroll Administration

  • Assisting business start-ups and assistance with the opening of new work locations.
  • Administration for all types of employees including the so-called special regimes for self-employed, farmworkers, domestic employees, etc.
  • Processing starters, leavers and contract changes
  • Advice and management of employee engagement (ordinary contracts, with bonus, incentive applications, etc.)
  • Notification of end of fixed term contracts
  • Calculation of salaries and bonuses.
  • Labour cost reports.
  • Preparation list of wages for payment by bank transfers.
  • Calculation of social security contributions.
  • Management of deferred social security payment charges.
  • Advice and guidance the prevention and accidents and incidents at work.
  • Preparation of business certificates to be able to apply for temporary disability allowance, maternity allowance, unemployment benefit, etc.
  • Preparation of the data for income taxes (personal income tax IRPF, model 145)
  • Preparation of the periodic and annual summary statements in relation to the personal income tax (models 110, 111, 190, etc.)
  • Preparation of annual income certificates, and deductions for the preparation of personal income tax.
  • Preparation census for union elections.Advice and case management for obtaining work permits for foreigners.
  • Analysis, preparation and management of pension file for retirement, disability allowance, widowers pension, orphans, in favour of family members.
  • Advise and assistance with the application for any other social security allowances.

Prevention of Accidents at Work

With the introduction of the law for the prevention of accidents at Work, Unidad has established a health and safety advice service. This gives us the ability to advice our customers over health and safety, risk identification and risk prevention, including legal assistance when dealing with the labour authorities, labour inspection and other adjudicative bodies in case of consultation, visits, inspections or fines.


Unidad provides training services to companies, using the available credit for education, offering high quality training, with a 100% bonus (for free) through the “Fundacion Tripartita”, we have a complete training catalogue that covers all our customers business sectors.

Our team of experts will analyse your training needs and advise you on the available training options, while taking into account your specific circumstances and objectives.

We have the following training delivery options available:

  • Distance learning
  • eLearning
  • Blended delivery (combination of classroom and eLearning)
  • Classroom training
  • Customised “In Company” training

We help businesses to be more efficient day to day and contribute to their long-term success:

Through efficient training you will:

  • Achieve better business results
  • Increase business opportunities
  • Improve the efficiency of your people
  • Increase the specialisation and added value of your employees.
  • Ease the generational succession within your organisation.

We offer our customers complete training management, without any additional cost by using the available credit of the “Fundación Tripartita”


We find, attract and select the right people for our customers.

We create bespoke recruitment process and procedures for your company.

We carry out a strict and complete selection process, beginning with a job description and ending with induction and monitoring the integration of the new employee in your organisation.

Human Resource Consulting

We offer the following HR Consulting services.

  • Creating an introduction protocol and welcome guide for new starters in your organisation.
  • Diagnostic and improvement of working relationship.
  • Performance evaluation
  • 360 º Feedback
  • Outplacement services


Analysis and comprehensive review of the customer´s organisation to determine if it is legally compliant. If deemed necessary we prepare a report of recommendations with corrective measures to address any shortcomings.