Insurance Broker and Risk Management

Usually clients of our insurance services are already customers at Unidad. This implies that our insurance professionals are charged with a great responsibility of care towards our customers, both when contracting and updating insurance and when following up a damage.

As insurance brokers, we are not tied to be working with only one single insurance company. instead we are working with many national and international insurance companies. This allows us to advise independently and to assist our customers in selecting the right insurance policy for every situation.

We are a member of the National Insurance Broker Association (E2000) which means we provide a nationwide and in some cases international range risk coverage. In  addition, we provide solutions to insure special risks that are otherwise difficult to cover. We can also design and carry out specific campaigns for clients of your company and/or your family.

We offer the following services:


  • Cars
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Vehicles for agriculture
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Classic vehicles
  • Fleet
  • Trailer
  • Boats
  • Transport of goods
  • Civil liability
    • Family liability
    • Operating liability
    • Commercial liability
    • Real estate liability
    • Employer’s liability (employees)
    • Product liability
    • Professional liability
    • Rental liability
  • Business
  • Restoration
  • Hotel business
  • Trades
  • Offices
  • Small and middle sized companies
  • Industries and workshops
  • Owners Communities
  • Properties
    • Main home
    • Rental properties
    • Apartments
    • Country houses
    • Touristic holiday houses


  • Life and disability insurance
  • Accidents
  • Self employed benefit
  • Health insurance
    • Medical team
    • Free choice of doctors
  • Sanitary assistance
  • Hospitalisation
  • Travel assistance
  • Decease
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Travel insurance


  • Collective agreements
  • Pensions
  • Events and suspension shows
  • Training
  • All risk construction
  • Decennial guarantee


  • Savings
  • Retirement
  • Pensions
  • Coverage of loans
  • Investment funds
  • Financial products
  • Life annuities
  • Temporary annuities
  • Single premiums


  • Personal advice
  • Follow-up damage
  • Claims toward third parties
  • Legal assistance
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Study and analysis of risks
  • Management updating
  • And all the products and services related to insurances.

When you are seeking insurance protection, whether for you personally, family, property, or business, you won´t only have to consider the price, but also ensure you have the best coverage and can rely on the personal contact, experience and professionalism of your insurance broker.