International Desk

The Challenge: How to successfully invest in Ibiza, whether it is as a business investor or as a property investor.

Ibiza is an exciting place to do business, and a great place to live. As an investor in Ibiza you will quickly realise the benefits of having an excellent local partner on your side that is there to advice and support you with all the business aspects you can think of, and who understands your business and the island. The key differentiators to our success are our team of over 80 professionals, our integrated service portfolio, local expertise and network.

If you are a business investor a strong local financial and legal advisor with an excellent network and good contacts is a necessity. We have clients in all business sectors: tourism, trade, industry, transport, facilities, construction industry, business services, freelancers and teachers. As no other we understand the specific challenges for each business and we will use our experience to ensure your business becomes a success.

As a property investor you might be thinking of buying or constructing a single property or to invest in a property portfolio. We provide advice and can help you with a straightforward property purchase: provide legal advice, tax advice, take care of all the paper work and ensure your property will be correctly registered and insured. For investors in a property portfolio we can be a true partner and support you from planning to realisation of commercial and residential property and management of your property portfolio.

The Approach: Personal and comprehensive advice in your own language.

Our service is for international investors:

  • Interested in buying or constructing property
  • Property owners
  • Interested in acquiring or starting a business


What you can expect

Excellent service

  • Integrated service portfolio
  • Personal advisor at your disposal
  • Service in English, German, French, Dutch
  • Company with over 80 professionals, local expertise and strong network
  • Excellent facilities, meeting rooms, fully equipped for business presentations, WIFI
  • Dedicated business centre for international investors
  • Own office available for international business investors