Tax Advice

The tax advice service of Unidad relies on a team of experienced professionals in advising all types of businesses, non-profit entities and individuals. This team advises each customer, regardless of his tax regime. We ensure that customers are legally compliant, knowing that regulations constantly evolve and are subject to increasingly stringent and complex monitoring systems.

Our aim as a tax advisor is to find the best taxation alternative for our customers, by interpreting the nuances within the legal frameworks. We can minimise the tax burden legally due, by establishing legal and tax structures that enables our customers to successfully realise their objectives.

We are committed to represent our clients in case of a tax inspection, when necessary and defend their interests before ordinary and administrative courts. This is the best guarantee we can give to our customers, that our advice is solid and reliable and that our recommendations have been made on the basis of our extensive experience in dealing with the tax authorities.

Our tax advice team will guide you in following areas:

  • Analysis of a customer´s tax situation
  • Tax advice and tax planning
  • Tax advice when establishing a new company
  • Administer tax registration and declaration
  • Management of enquiries and inspections of the tax authorities
  • Tax payer’s defence, tax revisions, appeals and claims
  • Administrative and litigation appeals
  • Preparation and presentation of all the periodic tax declarations for businesses and private persons:
    • Personal tax declaration
    • Wealth tax
    • Corporation tax
    • VAT
    • Non-resident taxes
    • Special taxes
    • Split payments and withholdings.
    • Information returns
  • Answer all information requests and ask for postponements.
  • Management of authorisations for carrying out transactions via internet with the tax office.